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Fay Phillips Vintage

     Town Coast Country

We are a small online business with over twelve years of experience in the antique and vintage trade. Our aim is to bring beautiful antique and vintage items to you.

Based in the beautiful Pembrokeshire countryside we pride ourselves in customer satisfaction with a personal touch.

Back in 2007 the business started after moving to Pembrokeshire. I had always enjoyed building my home from secondhand items and hated waste. When my Mum died my husband and I needed to clear her home so we sold off unwanted pieces at car boot sales. We found that we enjoyed the camaraderie. We were very quickly offered a market stall and sold vintage before we ever knew it was vintage. Recycling by selling buttons, haberdashery from sewing boxes that we would repair and sell. We also started painting gorgeous wash stands, chests of drawers, dressers, chairs. We have so many friends from those happy days.

In around 2008 we were invited by a customer dealer to share a unit with them at the Malthouse Antiques Centre. This was such a good time and have to say our unit there was so different from the other antique units. I think they were a little bewildered by the formica tables and shabby chic etc.

Looking back I realise that my husband wasn't in the best of health. It was decided not to have a stall in the market during the Winter months. An antique dealer friend in Market Square suggested a very small side street shop that was to let just five minutes from our home in Narberth. It was perfect and we called it "Side Street Collectables".

Amazingly this little shop was later to be used by Old Hat and Giddy Aunt who moved downstairs from her sewing workroom when we left in 2010.

Circumstances were changing for our landlord and he invited us to rent two units from him further up the street keeping the original shop as a work room. So within a year we had left the market and were now renting two shops.

This is where "Fay Phillips Vintage" and the idea of renting out space in the form of a wardrobe was born. We were the first vintage clothes shop in Narberth and we loved it!

It wasn't long before there was a falling out with the landlord, don't go there, and we knew of a shop further up the High Street that had been empty for a while. We grabbed it and it has to be said that this was the true home of Fay's from October 2010 until closure in January 2016. We loved the shop and thankfully so did our customers.

In 2012 my husband, Tom, suffered a cardiac arrest. He was so lucky to be resuscitated and survive. But after open heart surgery and three months rest he was able to go back to the shop. There was to be no more lifting of heavy wardrobes, desks, tables like the market days. So eventually it was decided to leave the Malthouse Antiques Centre.

We were so thrilled when we discovered that Country Living Magazine had given us a lovely mention. The following year we were contacted by Elle UK Magazine. They wanted photographs of the shop. Again we had a lovely write up.

Over the years we had wonderful unit holders who inspired the shop and if they are reading this a big thank you to you all. We couldn't have done it without you and we miss you very much.

We had foreseen that eventually Narberth would reach saturation point as everyone started selling vintage!

In anticipation of this we moved in 2014 to a larger home in the country a short drive from Narberth. It has enough space for storage and is in a beautiful place not far from the coast and estuary. In 2016 we made the decision to close the shop in Narberth. As we planned for this eventuality we are able to run the business from our home. Then came the change of name to Fay phillips Vintage Town Coat & Country

Life is a rollercoaster, grasp every opportunity and enjoy.

Who knows what is over that horizon or at the end of a rainbow xxx